Empowering Rural Women in Sustainable Agriculture

We are thrilled to share an exciting and impactful initiative that is set to transform the landscape of rural communities – the “GrowSmart: Empowering Rural Women in Sustainable Agriculture Practices” program. Hosted by W.O.M.E.N – Women Owned Media and Education Network and proudly sponsored by the British High Commission in Port of Spain, this program is poised to make a profound difference in the lives of women farmers and aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs. 

We extend a heartfelt invitation to each one of you to join us in disseminating the information about this program, which holds the promise of ushering in a new era of rural women empowerment.

Planting the Seeds of Change: Program Overview

At its core, the “GrowSmart” program is an ambitious endeavor aimed at educating and training women farmers and agribusiness enthusiasts with the essential tools to implement sustainable and innovative agricultural practices. The end goal is to enhance their livelihoods, foster growth in their households, and create a ripple effect of prosperity throughout their communities.

This transformative journey will unfold over a period of 6 to 10 weeks through a Hybrid Model, seamlessly blending virtual training sessions with hands-on activities. 

Starting from September 4th, 2023, aspiring participants can access application details through our website, womenetworkinternational.org, and our active social media channels.

The “GrowSmart” program is designed to sow the seeds of knowledge across various critical domains, empowering participants with valuable insights and skills. By delving into alternative climate-smart agriculture models, participants will unlock new farming horizons and fortify their market access strategies. This not only boosts the sustainability of their endeavors but also magnifies the income potential of their households.

Key areas covered by the program include:

  1. Introduction to Hydroponics
  2. Hydroponic System Design and Construction: Liquid & Substrate-based Systems
  3. Nutrient Formulation for Hydroponics
  4. Sanitation and Biosecurity for Hydroponics
  5. Introduction to Aquaponics and Organic Hydroponics
  6. Introduction to Agri-Business & Marketing
  7. Nurturing Growth: Your Vital Role

If you know individuals or groups who can benefit from this program, connect them with us or share program details directly.

Should you require further information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at womentt2022@gmail.com.

By sowing the seeds of change today, we are collectively cultivating a brighter and more promising tomorrow for women farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

For more detailed insights into the program, we invite you to visit our official website: https://womenetworkinternational.org/thrive-women-business-development-programme-2023/

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