Gia Gaspard TaylorGia Gaspard Taylor is a national of Trinidad and Tobago, who continues to devote herself tirelessly to national service particularly working with young people, women and the disadvantaged.

She holds a BSc in Social Work from

the School of Continuing Studies University of the West Indies; and has had many years of experience in working in both the public and private sector in Trinidad and Tobago, regionally, as well as within the diplomatic corps.

Gia’s wealth of experience in the areas of education, entrepreneurship, the advancement of women, opportunities for youth development and climate change, bring to bear fruitfully on the numerous committees and associations on which she serves.
Unique about her is the fact that she was born in the rural community of Penal, and grew up in the rural community of Sangre Grande, move into the capital city of Port of Spain married the City Mayor, to become city first lady (or Mayoress) during the years walk among Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, Presidents, Governors, Prime Ministers and more but never lost the common touch.



  • Director: Rural Development Company, Trinidad and Tobago
  • President of the Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and
    Tobago (NRWPTT)
  • Vice President: The Federation of UNESCO Clubs Trinidad and
  • President: Port of Spain/Atlanta Sister Cities Network and Coordinator
    Port of Spain Sister Cities UNESCO Club
    Introduced the City Ambassador’s Programme to the City of Port of
    Spain and Tourism Development Company, adaptation of the Project
    successfully established in Atlanta, Georgia
  • National Coordinator of the International Educational and
    Resource Network Trinidad and Tobago, (iEARNTnT)
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Toco Foundation and
    Rural Community Radio Toco: (only rural community radio in the country)
  • Eminent Expert for the United Nations -UNESCO WSIS, World Summit Award since 2008, and over seers the World Summit Youth Award, held by
    World Summit Youth Award; Ambassador Abe Fergusson



  • Friends of the Commonwealth “Women as Change Agents” Award
  • Outstanding Service Award: From United Nations 100th Anniversary of
    International Women’s Day: 2011
    The Women’s Information Network.
  • Holds a numbers of executive positions on several non governmental organizations including the Federation of UNESCO Clubs, and the Network of NGO.s for the Advancement of Women.
  • Chairs’ the organizing committee of the Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago    Mango Conference/Festival


National Boards Past Service

  • Chairman of the Consumer Guidance Council:
    Min. Social/Community Development and Consumer Affairs.
  • Director: Each Community Helping Out (ECHO) Division:
    Ministry of Community and Social Development
  • Deputy Chair: National Emblems Committee:
    Ministry of National Security.
  • A Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Holder, and serve as Communication Officer/ Expedition Coordinator of the President Award: (Head of State Award):  with skills in Hiking, Horse Back Riding, Rappelling, Sailing,
    Trained by Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force, Trinidad and Tobago Mounted Branch (police) and Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services.


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