A place where Mango Lovers Unite!

The T&T Mango Festival is an annual expo hosted by the Network of Rural Women’s Producers, dedicated to celebrating the diversity and multiple uses of the “king of fruits,” the mango.

This festival serves as a platform to showcase various mango varieties, promote local mango growers and producers, and highlight the cultural significance of mangoes in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T).

During the T&T Mango Festival, attendees can enjoy a wide array of activities and attractions centered around mangoes.

“The idea is to exploit the potential of mangoes and this started in 2009 when we were challenged to do something with the mango because it was being wasted, people just used it for the normal curry mango or the chow and what have you and things like that and we challenged the members (NRWPTT Members) to come up with innovative products.”

Gia Gaspard Taylor President of NRWPTT

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