About us

Vision Statement

To be a national umbrella body promoting rural women’s issues and empowering women to enhance their economic and social well-being.

Executive Committee

  • Coordinator/President: Gia Gaspard Taylor
  • Vice/Deputy Coordinator: Carol Noel
  • Immediate Past President: Rose Rajbansee
  • Secretary: Petra Gomez
  • Treasurer: Roma Price
  • Communications Officer: Dr. Peggy Lynch
  • Financial Advisor: Mr. Curtis Mayers
  • Floor or Trustees (2 members): Colleen Malwah Aqui (Trinidad), Member to be appointed from Tobago


  • Agriculture: Salisha Bellamy
  • Environment/Climate Change/Natural Disasters: Goomtee Ragoobar
  • Mango Festival: Gia Gaspard-Taylor
  • United Nations: Gia Gaspard-Taylor


  • Network of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Advancement of Women – National, Regional, International: Services, Linkages
  • Women of the Soil – Palo Seco: Services
  • Maloney Women’s Group – Maloney: Services
  • Toco Foundation – Toco, Blanchisseuse, Moruga, Barrackpore: Services
  • Fishing Pond Rural Women/Girls in Agriculture – Fishing Pond, Valencia, agricultural services
  • Matura Women’s Group – Matura, Toco, Blanchisseuse: Services
  • Community Oriented Police Section & Police Youth Clubs – National