Member Listing

NameOrganizationDescriptionE-mailTelephoneSocial Links
Gia Gaspard-TaylorNRPWTT President(NRWP) Foundation Membernrwptt@gmail.com683-4251
Celine EdwardsDirector(NRWP) Member Discipline Landscaping348-0333
Claudette Charles-Dick(NRWP) Member Hand-crafted Soaps and Candlessouthqueeny@yahoo.com648-7577, 722-8126
Colleen Malwah-AquiRodco Home Essentials(NRWP) Member Hand-crafted Soaps and Body Creamsrodcohomeessentials@yahoo.com775-0365Link to YouTube
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Denise CarewModern Equator(NRWP) Member Producer of fruits drinks and jelliesdencarew@yahoo.com668-0757, 479-1865Visit Member Page
Jean Letren(NRWP) Member748-5155
June CraigwelFederation of Women’s Ins682-0493, 628-4169
Kandice ToussaintDirector(NRWP) Member Youth in Agriculture394-9044
Lymma HolderFederation of Women’s Ins645-0287
Merlyn Howell Richardson(NRWP) Member347-6876
Nerle RobertsonDirector(NRWP) Member Administrationnerlerobertson@yahoo.com663-8469, 708-5571
Patricia DalrympleStacia Women’sGroup Producer of Cakes, Breads and Candies, Catering640-1630
Roxanne Dalrymple(NRWP) Member Catering768-3574, 643-0157
Rachel B. St. RoseAngelic Soaps(NRWP) Member Producer of Hand-crafted Soapsrachelbstrose@gmail.com309-5383Link to YouTube
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Valarie GeorgeConcordia EstateNorth Manzanilla Farmers Group Agriculture, Produces a Variety of Fruit Sauces savory and hot461-6167Visit Member Page
Rose RajbanseeFoundation Member Immediate past president
Brigand Hill Valley
(NRWP) Member Producers, of Wines, Condimentsroserajbansee@yahoo.com668-1494Visit Member Page
Sandra GreenidgeSandra's Magical Fingers(NRWP) Member Producer of Candies and savory delights348-9359Visit Member Page
Sharline AlcideInterim Director(NRWP) Member Producer of Hand-crafted Soaps and Body Creamssharline_ba@hotmail.com357-1594, 648-5727
Suzanna Alleyne-Kirton(NRWP) Member Producer of Nuts, Chilibibi, Farine and Fudge392-4023, 718-9867
Sylvia Seecharan(NRWP) Member397-7019
Dilean Smith Richards(NRWP) Member Condiments722-8038
Valeria BastaldoNorth Manzanilla Farmers Group668-5565, 317-8941
Veronica RomanyFoundation Member Trustee
Paramin Women's Group
(NRWP) Member Producer of Wines, Green Seasonings, Pepper Sauceverom100@hotmail.com738-3024Visit Member Page
Natalie Moore*Red Mango(NRWP) Member328-5786
Natasha EdwardDirector Nature’s Own (Soaps & Gourmet Snacks)(NRWP) Memberriaedward@gmail.com484-5530
Nolana LynchDirector(NRWP) Member Producer of Natural Eco
Astrida Saunders(NRWP) Member Producer of Fine
Yolanda Clark(NRWP) Member Youth Producer
Beulah Joseph-Clunis*Dorcas Women, Matelot Handicraftdorcaswomen@yahoo.com292-7986, 793-1495
Marisha Williams(NRWP) Member Producer of Hand-crafted Gift Cardsmarisha_will@yahoo.com390-6113
Dessie Butler-Newton(NRWP) Member Producer of Hand-crafted Paper Beads and
Susan ThomasDirector(NRWP) Member Producer of Hand-crafted Paper Productseventessentials06@yahoo.comLink to YouTube
Suzan Gail Mohammed(NRWP) Member Tour
Lisa Ransome(NRWP) Member
Denise Riley(NRWP) Member Producer of Sassy Pepper
Mary Lyn Lewis-James(NRWP) Member Basketry 290-1072
Ms Celina Edwards(NRWP)
Dalia Mc. Dowall(NRWP) Member St Vincent, Producer of Mango
Niche Traders(NRWP) Member Hair and Skin care390-5340
Chamelie Jogie(NRWP) Member Condiments783-3874
Vere JosephCaterer, Vegetarian Dishes Author of Vegetarian recipeschristobellej@gmail.com642-9721
Joslyn Howell RichardsonBaking and Sewing Produced of Soft Furnishing347-6876
Genevieve GuyMatura Women’s Group Soft Furnishing, catering373-3378
Roma PriceFormer Director Toco FoundationEntrepreneurial Development, Agriculture, and Community /Social Development468-3361
Primatee RamnarineDirector FinanceFinancial294-2339
Ulin MahonTobago Producer of Mango Products374-4596
Pamela Edwards johnFarmer395-1554
Michelle AlexanderProducer of Hand-crafted Paper Decorative Wall Plaques, and Carnival Figurines342-4250
Carol NoelDirectorSmall Business Enterprise683-4254
Chanazz NoelSmall Business
Blanchieusse Women Group Variety of products