Also known as “handmade soap” or “homemade soap” handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art, by combining the scientific knowledge of the last 200 years and the artistic creativity of the soap maker, each bar is safe, luxurious and unique, Handcrafted soap in its true and most pure form.

Our members take pride in the production of “Handcrafted soap” which can be made from scratch by the cold or hot process methods.

Handcrafted soap is soap in its truest and purest form

True soaps are the result of a chemical reaction between vegetable or animal fats, water and lye, when combined they transform into soap and glycerin with no lye remaining in the soap, this is called “saponification” which literally means “the making of soap.

Our members generally pride themselves on the unique recipes that create their signature soaps


Commercial soaps are manufactured in large factories staffed with anonymous employees, using the most economical ingredients, which may contain some or all synthetic detergent, or have glycerin removed.

While handcrafted soaps, on the other hand are manufactured locally in small batches with the personal oversight and care of the soap maker, Handcrafted soap makers use high-quality ingredients and are able to add specialty oils and additives to personalize their formulations.

The creative artistry of each handcrafted soap maker results in soaps that are different and unique, offering consumers a wide selection of soaps than are not only natural but functional and beautiful

Members use our local fruits and vegetables, lemon grass and Aloe Vera, homemade Coconut oil, Goat’s Milk, Cocoa Butter among the ingredients.

Credit: Thanks to the Handcrafted Soap makers Guild