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Products of the Women of the Toco Foundation.

Roma Price worked at National Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO)

Previously known as Central Marketing Agency, in the Accounts and Audit Department from 1975-1998

She relocated from Port of Spain to Toco in 1987 and became the Co. Founder of the Toco Foundation (NGO) in 1995. She functioned as Administrative Secretary.

During that year she completed a Certificate in Tour Guide Training and Eco Tourism Operators.

The following year 1996, she headed a women’s group in Toco called the “Women’s Action in Development Project.”  She was also the first Secretary to the Board of Radio Toco 106.7 FM the only community based Radio Station in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ms. Price had a thirst for knowledge and was continuously upgrading her skills and qualifications. She completed the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development Training, a Course of the Community Ventures Programme (Small Business Development Co. Ltd) 1997, and the Certificate in Co-management and Community Participation for Sustainable Development in 1998, along with Certificate of Participation in “Aiming for Export” Agro –Processing Training Workshop.

During this time 2000 and beyond, Roma worked assiduously with the women of the Toco foundation and spearheaded many projects.  They became famous for the Mango bread baked in an earth oven and produced numerous loaves for sale over and over.  The foundation was also involved in training local youngsters who were passionate about preserving the lives of the Leather Back Turtle from poachers and animal lovers.

She continued her vocational pursuits in 2006/2007, completing a Certificate of Proficiency in Food Preparation and Preservation from (UWI)   along with Food Service and Management.

This was followed by Small Hotel and Institutional Management 2007/2008.

Ms. Price is still Managing Director of The Toco Foundation Agro Tourism Centre and Farmers Training Institute, and spearheads four main projects:

  • The Young Farmers Project
  • The Women Action in Development Project
  • Hospitality and Conference Centre ( Ten room Hotel )
  • The Eco Tourist Project
  • The Toco Turtle Protection Programme.
  •  The Green Fund Water Harvesting Programme

She is the recipient of the Excellence Award for the contribution to Rural Development in the Area of Education and Entrepreneurial Development in Toco  In recognition of United Nations International Rural Women’s Day by the Network of Rural Women Producers.