Mangoes… Mangoes… Mangoes…


presentation-of-mangoes-to-ministerMango Festival celebrates the diversity and utility of the mango and was well patronised by persons at home and abroad.

This year also included a competitive element and the winner of the best booth was awarded to Zone 123, who also copped the award for ‘most innovative’ mango products.

The Mango Festival, is growing bigger and brighter every year, kudos to the Network of Rural Women Producers of Trinidad and Tobago on another excellent endeavour!

The Annual Mango Festival took a twist this year by including a mango conference.

The 1st Mango Conference under the theme ‘from Seed to Table’ was held at Sir Frank Stockdale Building, University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago bringing interest groups to the table to talk about the mangoes in all of its forms.

One positive outcome of the conference was the establishment of an action committee for the development of the industry.