Brief Network History

clock-face-made-of-handmade-cocoa-based-paperFollowing the Organization of American States (OAS) “First Ladies Hemispheric Conference” held in Chile in 1995, a significant outcome was a meeting of Non governmental Organisations (NGOs) which focus on rural women and rural communities. Our First Lady, with the support of Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture (IICA), called a number of existing NGO’s to formulate the guidelines for the establishment of the Network of Rural Women Producers, Trinidad and Tobago (NRWPTT). NRWPTT was formed in 1995 and is a national umbrella organization comprising a membership of over 60 small businesses and individuals.

The network was registered in 1998, as a non for profit organization, with the Ministry of Legal Affairs.

After fifteen years of existence we are pleased to record very good working relationships with national and regional organizations. Among these are:

  • IICA
  • The Ministry of Food Production
  • Commonwealth Foundation
  • Tourism Development Company
  • Ministry of Gender Affairs
  • The University of the West Indies (UWI)
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration
  • The Rural Development Company
  • Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI)
  • Ministry of Labour
  • The Caribbean Network of Rural Women (CANROP)

We maintain membership in the Network of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Advancement of Women, (with UN ECOSOC Status) Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) (with ECOSOC UN Status).

Vision Statement

To be a national umbrella body promoting rural women issues and empowering women to enhance their economic and social well- being.

Executive Committee

  • Coordinator/President: Gia Gaspard Taylor
  • Vice/Deputy Coordinator: Carol Noel
  • Immediate Past President: Rose Rajbansee
  • Secretary: Petra Gomez
  • Treasurer: Roma Price
  • Communications Officer: Dr. Peggy Lynch
  • Financial Advisor: Mr. Curtis Mayers
  • Floor or Trustees (2 members): Colleen Malwah Aqui (Trinidad), Member to be appointed from Tobago


  • Agriculture: Salisha Bellamy
  • Environment/Climate Change/Natural Disasters: Goomtee Ragoobar
  • Mango Festival: Gia Gaspard-Taylor
  • United Nations: Gia Gaspard-Taylor


  • Network of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Advancement of Women – National, Regional, International: Services, Linkages
  • Women of the Soil – Palo Seco: Services
  • Maloney Women’s Group – Maloney: Services
  • Toco Foundation – Toco, Blanchisseuse, Moruga, Barrackpore: Services
  • Fishing Pond Rural Women/Girls in Agriculture – Fishing Pond, Valencia, agricultural services
  • Matura Women’s Group – Matura, Toco, Blanchisseuse: Services
  • Community Oriented Police Section & Police Youth Clubs – National