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Training playing a major role in 2014

Training playing a major role in 2014 as members are being prepared for a bigger slice of the market Special Bread Making, using Cassava, Sweet Potatoes and Plantain to produce loaves, Sada roti, Muffins, Hamburger and Hot Dogs Rolls, 25 members traveled to Cumana, Toco at the Toco Foundation Agri-Centre for this special session. Supported by IICA. [su_carousel...
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Suriname visit and MOC

Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC)

between Marron Vrouwen Netwerk (MVN) Suriname

the Maroon Indigenous Women Circle (MIWC) Jamaica

the Merikins Trinidad & Tobago

This Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) will serve as a framework for co-operation between  Maroon Women and their communities in Jamaica, Suriname, Trinidad &Tobago, and other Maroon Communities in the hemisphere  of the Americas to be referred...
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Contribution to the 16 Days of Activism

The Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago (NRWPTT) is a member society of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).  ACWW is one of the largest international organizations for rural and farming women with over 460 societies in more than 70 countries.  One of our objectives is to raise the standard of...
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